Technisches Museum Wien

technisches museum wien

In Europe, one of the best places to visit at is Vienna. Aside from the fact that the city has great history, it also has so many attractions and destinations that are truly world class and exceptional. For unforgettable trip, the city is definitely a perfect choice. In connection with trip, a great thing to do in Vienna according to some of the tourist who already went to the city is to visit the popular Technisches Museum Wein, this is one of the museums in Vienna that is must to visit to visit in the city.

Importance of Technisches Museum Wien

Technisches Museum Wein or Vienna Technical Museum is situated at Penzing district on Mariahilferstrasse 212. The final decision to make a technical museum was done during the year 1908. The construction of the structure begun in the year 1909 and was opened during the year 1918. The categories of the permanent exhibit that the museum offer includes heavy industry, energy, nature and knowledge, everyday life, communications and information media, transport, musical instruments and basic research.

The museum is recognized as the sole universal technical museum situated in Austria and situated opposite of Schonbrunn Palace and provides information as well as entertainment from the achievement of technology and technical kaleidoscopic industry. The places has highlights, interactive stations, motivating guided tours for all ages, interactive station and theme park part that was exclusively designed for children aging 0 until 6 years of age.

The place is being considered as one of the vast diversity, which includes the Francis I and Ferdinand I Habsburgs chief collections. One of the main attractions of the museum are imperial saloon car that belongs to Empress Elisabeth, typewrite of Peter Mitterhofer’s, Silverpfeil Mercedes, Imsser astronomical clock and historic musical instruments department.


Main Attractions of Technisches Museum Wien

The Mini – this is the theme park of the place that is intended for children in pre-school and elementary.  Through this park, children are able to get learning experience through playing. In here, they are able to have first contact with the museum institution and technology.

Actions and events – the place is perfect for the whole family. By visiting the official of the museum, visitors are able to city the monthly program of the place. It is vital that you first see the schedule program to make sure that you have the activity that your entire family would like to do.

Archives and Library – the specialist library is already part of the museum during the first years. This is operated through the academic scholarship. The things that await the reader are topical magazines, journals, historical magazines and monographs. There are also books on the entire topics of industrial history, technology and science. In addition, the library acquires unique specialist sections, which includes Libri-Rari Collection, collection of catalogues that comes from industrial companies and world fairs as well as the holdings of former Telegraphen museum and Post.

On the outside corner of Maria Hilfer Strasse, the city of Vienna major shopping lane, you could find the museum having conventional range of industrial, engineering and other technical items exhibit. The main concentration of exhibition is on the contribution of Austrian towards technical innovations.

Because the museum offers not that too many exhibits, it is very renowned to domestic visitors compare with the international tourists, however, if science is the field you are interested with then this is the best place to have. Most of the crowds could be found at Schloss Schonbrunn Imperial Palace, which is situated just few hundred meters far. If you like architecture, you will definitely be amazed of the building where the museum is located.  Glass cupolas wrap the inner courtyards and boost the space of the exhibition.

During the Emperor Franz Joseph I celebration of the 60th Jubilee in the year 1908, the monarch decided to get new museum devoted to technology, corporate life and industries. The building construction that was co founded by Vienna major entrepreneurs was started during the year 1906. However, because of the World War I outbreak, the opening of did not happen until the year 1918.

After the Postsparkasse construction, the museum is being considered as one of the primary buildings that were made from concrete and steel in Austria. Until the year 1922, the museum was operated by a society, later on it was succeeded by the federal and turns to be public thing.  Between the year 1992 and 1999, the establishment was extended and then drastically renovated for it to get modernize.

In case you decided to have a tour in Vienna the place must be included in the itinerary. It is because it is an educational museum where you can definitely learn so many things. The tour in the museum main objective is to communicate technical ideology as well as its collections follows certain leaning through doing certain approach. Further than that, there are as well lots of historical devices and technologies exhibits. With these historical things, it aims to let people learn how these items functions. This applies for instance to railway systems and locomotives use at Erzberg mining industries in the city of Syria.

In past few years, the public funding was increasingly made reliant on the own fundraising done by the museum itself. In order to be able to get economic confidence, product presentations and club nights where held inside the building. The altering exhibits were advertised aggressively to improve the number of guests. Simultaneously, criticism happens because the museum ignored the conservation duties. Some of the locomotives and other things exhibit outside suffered damages, due to rust and need to be repaired. In order to save the items, set of Austrian industrialists started doing fundraising campaign in order to create new exhibition hall.

Despite of the fact that the museum offers not that many masterpieces, it becomes a great place to visit because of the great learning that it offers to visitors. One day tour in the place will definitely let you be educated of the improvements in science and technology that happened all over the world.

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