Saint Stephen Cathedral Vienna (Stephansdom)


When you are in Vienna, it is essential to visit the most popular church situated in the place. In connection with this, among the churches in Vienna, one of the most renowned is the St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

The St. Stephen’s Church stones are the silent witness of the hope and joy, anguish and grief of Catholic families’ generations. Within the quiet side of the cathedral, those who shed their tears of regret was able to found serenity, those who moaned with weariness have gone out having new strength and those where gone astray was able to find way. Below the building arches, hope candles and trust flickered all throughout the years. In the cathedral, those who feel in love obtain pledge to be real with one another on their entire life. Children are brought in the church to be baptized and confirmed to be followers of Christ. The cathedral is also the place where people say good bye to their loved ones who passed away. The cathedral is definitely a place where different occasions happened, the local Church gathered around the bishop to joyfully celebrate its unity within the Eucharist.

St. Stephen’s Church Vienna History

Most of the time, building church takes about centuries before it is completed. Almost all of the cathedrals in the world rarely follow one style. Cathedral bear the marks of each century as the people added replaced or embellished portion of the church within their own approach. The alteration of styles is the witness of the faith living on the place. Bishop Quinn, who was the first diocese bishop, laid the cathedral foundation stone during the feast of St Stephen, dated December 26, 1863. A bigger and more decorated church was seen compare to the existing one however the economic crisis during the mid 1860s resulted in only portion of the original foundation was laid. Through the use of the present foundation, the work was re-commended during the year 1870. May 17, 1874 even though the cathedral was not that complete, it was blessed and dedicated solemnly. During that time, the complete project was only one third of the whole project. During the reign of Archbishop Robert Dunne the upper part of gable as well as the spires was added to the façade at Elizabeth Street in the year 1884. After that, the church was improved with marble and stained glass. On October 3, 1920, Archbishop James Duhig put down the foundation stone of current transepts. He announced plans in creating huge Renaissance cathedral at Ann Street in Fortitude Valley. The cathedral foundation stone is dedicated to Jesus Holy Name, which was set on the magnificent ceremony dated September 16, 192e in front of 35,000 people. At present, the foundations of stones are situated at the join between the year 1921 until 1922 and 1988 until 1989. Under the administration of Archbishop Patrick O’Donnell, there were temporary solutions that were made to give answer to the hardship in celebrating a fast changing liturgy in certain conventional liturgical space.  During the year 1980s, Archbishop Francis Rush completed the renovation, restoration and extension of the church, culminating is dedication on December 4, 1989. On October 29, 2000, Jubilee Pipe Organ was Archbishop John Bathersby. He as well as authorized St. Stephen’s Chapel restoration where the diocesan shrine dedicated to Mary Mackillop was made.

Must see attractions in stephansdom

One of the must see thing inside the cathedral is the Catacombs. The entrance to this place is through the chamber below St. Stephen North Tower. The place is extended from below the choir of the cathedral out underneath Stephansplatz Vienna and thousands Viennese citizens bones that are piled in tiers. Another must thing to see in the cathedral is the Bishop’s Gate. This is the counter part of Singer gate. This was the entry exclusively for female guests of the cathedral. It has figurative structures inspired from the year 1370. The canopy of the cathedral is also a great place to visit in the church. The canopy of Late Gothic above Leopold Alter is said to be the masterpiece of Hans Puchsbaum. The canopy was believed to be donated during the year 1448. Stephansdom Vienna is also a great attraction in the famous cathedral.

With the so many sites in Vienna, the St. Stephen Church is a must visited place, because not only it is located in the city center but also it contains works that are exceptional and world class, plus the fact that the construction of it acquires great history before it obtain the kind of attraction it has right now.

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