Museum Moderner Kunst MUMOK ( Modern Art)


The Museum Moderner Kunst is an attraction in Vienna that must be visited. It is comprises of two exhibitions halls. The first hall is the Palais Liechenstein that has been employed since the year 1979 and the second hall is the Jahrhundrets that already existed since the year 1962. During the time Museumquartier was completed, in the year 1998, the museum acquires new spaces there.

Museum of Modern Art in Vienna was first open during the year 1962 as Schweizergarten Museum of the 20th Century. During the year 1979, the name Museum of Modern Art was acquired. Since the year 1991, the museum was officially named as Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien, but most of the times called s MUMOK. The time the museum was moved to its present location during the year 2001; MUMOK turns to be the established designation.


Collections of the MUMOK

MUMOK Vienna houses collections of about 9,000 works such as films, videos, photos, graphic works, drawings, installations, sculptures, paintings, furniture and architectural models since the first half of 20th century and documentary material related to the 60’s art of last century. The collection of the place includes the Viennese Actionism, Pop Art, Fluxus, Nouveau and Classical Modernism. The place also holds the masterpieces of Richter, Warhol, Rauschenberg, Bacon, Johns and Picasso.


Architecture of the Museum Moderner Kunst

On the outside, the structure looks like closed block, dark and the roof curves down low towards the edges. The cladding of it is anthracite grey basalt lava over the roof surfaces and facades.  Hence, it is visibly set separately from the adjoining level and appears to combine from the deep. Huge connected interior units ensure certain maximum flexibility.

MUMOK Wein has ten meter wide stairway heading to the entrance of the plateau, which is for meters above the level of the courtyard. Inside the museum, there is a hall that lit from above separate the entire levels to two differently balanced set of room. The level of the entrance is the middle of the height of the building. Two main exhibits halls are situated on top of it and two are underneath of it. Further lower level is employed for utilities and storage. When it comes to architectural design, the facilities of the museum are restricted to general reduction. They are prepared with flexible and sophisticated artificial lighting system that build best presentation conditions. The exhibit hall located above gets natural light by means huge opening with the curved ceiling. On the other hand, the slit like openings as well as the panorama window within the uppermost floor offers guests view of the outside and aid to give sense of orientation.


Location of the MUMOK

The place could be visited starting from 10 in the morning until six in the afternoon every day except during Thursday where in the closing time is at 9 in the evening. The best is through U-Bahn with trip U3 Volkstheater or U2 MusuemsQuartier. Riding TRAM is also possible through and two. However, in riding TRAM short walk is needed in order to be in the place.


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