Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien (KHM)


What to do in Vienna? One of the best things that could be done is to visit the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien. This is identified as one of the most visited museums in Vienna. If this is your first time to visit Vienna and first time to be in the museum, better, continue reading the article as it talks about brief information about the place.

KHM Vienna as a top attraction

Kunsthistoriches museum is also called as Museum of Fine Arts and KHM Vienna. It is situated at Ringtrasse having an octagonal dome. The museum is house in festive palatial building. The words Kunsthistorisches museum is applied to both the main building and the institution. The museum was firstly open to public in the year 1891. The opening of the museum was done simultaneously with the museum namely Naturhistorisches Museum. Both of the museums have the same exteriors and both are facing each other transversely at Maria-Theresien Platz.  The building are both created during the year 1872 until 1891 according to planes made by Karl Freiherr von Hasenauer and Gottfried Semper. The two museums of Ringstrasse were both commissioned by the Emperor to have right shelter for formidable art collection of Habsburgs’ and for the public to easily have an access to it. The façade of the museum was made from sandstone. The building is form in rectangular shape and topped with a dome measuring 60 meters high. The building interior is sumptuously decorated with paintings, gold leaf, stucco ornamentations and marble.


Collections in KHM Vienna

KHM Vienna houses so many famous art works, but among the masterpieces available in the museum, the most popular is the Blue Madonna made by Albrecht Durer.  Some of the landscapes masterpieces of Durer were also exhibit in the museum. Several of the art works of Rembrandt are as well as display inside the museum and of this is the charming painting pg his own mother. Another well-known Renaissance artist who also has landscape artworks inside the museum is Pieter Bruegel the Elder. The lists of the artists who have work inside the museum could be found inside of the museum itself. When visiting the place, it is better to know the art works you would like to see.

The museum is said to be has the world’s biggest collection. Actually, it was constructed to house the masterpieces collected by Habsburg’s monarchs. At first, the art was housed in Belvedere and Hofburg, however two new buildings were constructed and one of these was Kunsthistorisches Museum. The collection of the museum actually mirrors the personal preference and the area of rule of Habsburgs themselves as well as the majority of art which are the master of 16th century and 17th century. Most of the tourists who visit the place see the arts of Bruegels, which is considered the world’s biggest collection. The museum also has huge collection of Venetian including the works of Velasquez, Veronese, Titian and Tintoretotto.

In order to give indication regarding how big the collection is, Gemäldegalerie has about 800 painting, but this is only 10 percent of the whole collection. It is definitely hard to see the entire collections that the place has in just one visit. With the so many art works that the place has, the masterpieces that should not be miss out are the Pieter Brugel Hunters in the Snow, Benvenutto Cellini The Salt Cellar, which made up of gold and depicts the sea and the earth unite with Neptune and an earth goddess.

Just a trivia about the museum, the place is being considered as the Austria’s vast art theft. During the year 2003, the painting made by an Italian Renaissance artist namely, Benvenuto Cellini was get with no permission. The best part of this is that later on in the year 2006 the artwork was found. It was found on Zwettl outskirts, resting inside a certain box that was hidden in the forest.

In entering the place, there is an admission fee required. However, the price is not too high. As part of the Vienna museum procedure, students get discount on the admission fee. The museum is open from 10 in the morning until 6 in the evening from Tuesday until Sunday. However, during Thursdays, the place opens at 10 in the morning until 9 in the evening. If you are planning to visit, the place you could pass at the Schonbrunn Palace, where in Carriage Museum is located. The area has imperial carriages; several of them are dated back from the 17th century.  Furthermore, Kunsthistorisches Museum is also just across from the Hofbug Palace.

Visiting Kunsthistorisches Museum could be the best thing to do in Vienna; particularly if you like art works. You will definitely be fascinated of the masterpieces inside of it and also the place the museum is situated.



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