Vienna Hundertwasserhaus


One of the sites in Vienna that attracts tourist is the hundertwasserhaus. This is an apartment house in the city that was constructed after the concept and idea of the famous Austrian artist namely Friedensreich Hundertwasser along architect Joseph Krawina, who is the co-author. The structure is very vibrant and innovative. The Vienna hunderwasserhaus is nestled at Lanstrabe district just on the side of Lowengasse and Kegelgasse.

Vienna Hundertwasserhaus Building Design

Hundertwasser haus was designed having undulating lines; it is because Hundertwasser is known as the godless of straight line.  He even planned to acquire uneven floors, but because of practicality, it was not implemented. Hundertwasser as well as rejected modern architecture functionalism. So because of this, he was crowned with gilded onion dome, decorated with ceramic pillars and stucco figures.  Hundertwasser also like to convey architecture closure to nature not only through the employment of curve but as well as in landscaping the terraces through ivy and trees. The façade of this attraction in Vienna is painted with colorful bright patches and some of the areas in the painting are shredded, which reveals the original façade.

Controversy in the Construction of hundertwasserhaus

During the year 1983, Hundertwasser begun with the renovation of public housing unit’s complex to bizarre looking vibrant patchwork having irregular patterns and numerous window shapes. After two years, when the structure was completed, the magnificent creation caused certain stir as well as several architecture critics rapidly dismisses his masterpiece as kitsch. By then, his work was called as Hundertwasserhaus, which is at present very popular.

Hundertwasserhaus wien as an attraction

Just after the changes of private apartment building to colorful patches present today, the structure started to capture the attention of the city visitors. In order for the local of the city to get relieve from the great number of tourist visiting the place, opposite to where the attraction was located shopping arcade was built. The arcade was as well as designed by Hundertwarsser. The design of the arcade was also exceptional just like the Hundertwasserhaus.

Hundertwasserhaus has features that tourists are amazed and they are:

Façade – the thing that attracts tourists are the trees that could be found in the place rooftop.

Main Entrance – this is located at Lowengasse, it an open part that heads to the inside part of the building courtyard. The apartments at the top of the main entrance are sustained by colorful pillars.  There is a small attractive fountain situated at the front entrance.

Onion Towers – the place offer a romantic atmosphere to the visitors.

Roof Gardens – every apartments in the building has access to nature through balconies and rood gardens located anywhere inside the building. Gardens have about 50 huge trees, grass lawn and trimmed shrubs.

Ceramic Line – every apartment size is visible due to it is marked by ceramic lines in uneven lines.

Decorations – the place in different ornaments like golden, white and black tiles. There are statues located at the balconies corners, painted plants and animals on the walls at the corridor as well as roof gardens improve the place cheerfulness.


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