Haus des Meeres The Vienna Aquaruim

haus des meeres

Once you find yourself a tourist in Vienna, do not worry because there are many things that you could be done in the city. The place has so many destinations perfect for any types of getaway in the city. In connection with the destinations to visit in the city, one of the best possible options is the Haus des Meeres. By reading the entire article, you are able to have brief idea about the place. The article will serve as an overview of the place.

Haus des Meeres is being considered a public aquarium within the city of Vienna. It is nestled at Esterhazy Park at the District of Mariahilf, which is only one block away from the busy place of Mariahilfer Strasse. This aquarium in Vienna has about 10,000 aquatic species on 4,000 square meters area of concrete dissension tower that was constructed during World War II.  During the year 2009, the place was visited by about 353,000 visitors, letting the place to be on the tenth spot of mostly visited attraction in Vienna in just a span of one year. As the place climbs up, some of the other attractions of the city fall due to financial crisis.  The place is being managed by Aqua Terra Zoo, a non-profit organization that only receives support from the city government. The maintenance costs of the place are obtained from the taxpayers.

History of haus des meeres

During November 1957, volunteer moved to flak tower. The bunkers and the ground floor where occupied by firefighters that left only about 1-1/2 habitable floor for the exhibits. The remaining place on the tower was occupied with debris and open to any kinds of elements. Little by little, aquarium expanded on empty spaces. Later on, the aquarium reaches six floors, firefighters left the structure and the staff of the aquarium was then permitted to clear the war relic’s basement. As what was mentioned earlier, because of the global crisis, some of the art museums of the country lessened their visitors, but the aquarium was able to sustain the numbers of visitors. There are cases that it out numbers their previous visitors, despite of the increase in the price of the ticket.

Main Attractions in haus des meeres

One of the main attractions of the place was the multistory tropical house that was constructed on the outer part of flak tower. It has rope bridges and wooden walkways, ponds, tropical vegetation and small waterfalls. Different water tanks have turtles and house fish. The place is also being considered as zoo in Vienna due to it also has marmosets and tropical birds that move freely along with the visitors. Animals present in the place are not shy so close encounters do happen in the place.

The place also has vivarium having crocodiles, giant spiders, frogs, lizards and snakes. Among the entire exhibit of the place, the most impressive was the albino python and his friends that are absolutely huge. The place also has giant Chinese salamander that are truly beautiful.

You are even able to see the leaf cutter ant colony in this place. It is consisted of Fungi chamber, which are a food and waste chamber situated on its first floor and the second food chamber upon the Crocodile Park on the second floor. You would be able to see the total of 80 meters of tubing made of glass connecting the individual chambers into each other’s, making the longest captive colony in the world.

There is about 15 species of genus alta and 24 of the ones related to the genus Acromyrmex living in Americas, ranging from Texas and Louisiana in the north up to Southern Argentina in southern part. The leaf cutter ants simply belong to some of the intriguing strategists within the ant Kingdom. It is even capable of cultivating the fungus upon the fresh material of plan being harvested and used for feeding the colony.

All through the night, harvests of about 50 kg of leave material are being collected. Roughly, this is the amount in which the cow could eat for one day. If you were to observe the ant’s nightly harvest, only the smallest proportion of the colony will all be revealed. The actual size of the colony could only be demonstrated all through the best efforts of the excavating nests. Gigantic dimensions are being uncovered. There is about 400 chambers filled with 8 million of strong colony and you could only find it at this place. The rest of the chambers are only for their waste disposal. It simply contains the old plant as well as fungi material. Their excavated material only has the volume of about 22.7 m3, which is definitely an equivalent into the medium sized room.

The shark aquarium in the ground floor is also a great attraction of the place. The other parts of the place houses tropical, local and Mediterranean fish, starfish, lobster, urchins, sea anemones and other water non-fish denizens.


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