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Vienna Christmas Markets (Kristkindlmarkt Wien)

Starting at the ending days of November until Christmas Day, you could surely find Kristkindlmarkt Wien at about every corner of Vienna. The small huts you could find in this place will be providing you with potential Christmas gifts, food as well as hot punch of the heated sugared wine. The biggest Christmas market in Vienna is located at the city hall, at the Spittelberg, and within the campus of the University.



Urania Kino Cinema in Vienna

The Urania is one of the public centers for education, having an observatory in the first district of Vienna. In the year 1897, the club has been founded, taking the style of neo-baroque in the year 1910 just to be held within the operation of the clubhouse. These days, it is already Urania and a place for the high schools in Vienna.


Kahlenberg Mountain

Kahlenberg is one of the best sites in Vienna that a traveler could see. It is actually located in the Vienna woods and even considered as one of the popular destinations for excursions, not only for residents but also for tourist in Vienna. Well, this is all for the reason that the stunning view are all comprised by the place itself.

With Vienna Kahlenberg, you are able to see the clear days, and one could not only see the whole city up above. This is for the reason that you could also see the Schneeberg, wherein the mountain spring water of Vienna simply comes from. Apart from offering the whole view over the city, the lower area of Austria could be seen from the Stefaniewarte right at the peak as well.


Belvedere Palace

The Belvedere is one of the historical complex buildings being found in Vienna, Austria. It is then consisted of 2 Baroque palaces, which are the upper and lower Belvedere, the Palace stables and the Orangery. The buildings are being set into the park landscape with the Baroque layout within the third district of the city and in the southeastern part of the center. It even houses the museum, where events happen. The grounds are being set upon the gentle gradient, including the decorative fountains as well as cascades. There are even the baroque sculptures as well as majestic wrought gates of iron. The palace complex was then built as the summer residence for the Savor Prince Eugene.



If you are thinking about what you could do in Vienna, there’s no way for you to lose interest for it. This is for the reason that, there is a wonderful idea you are able to use for your travel. Actually, you are free to do whatever you want, as much as you are abiding by the law of Vienna city. There are an even lot of attractions wherein you could take yourself to and one of those is Seegrotte.

wien gaint ferris wheel

Wiener Riesenrad ( vienna Gaint ferris wheel )

One of the noteworthy features along Vienna skyline is definitely a grand Ferris wheel known as the Wiener Riesenrad. It is the tallest Ferris wheel that one could find in Vienna, which happens to be 212.4ft. It is actually a timeless testament for the quality fun as well as impressive size and antiquity of Wiener Riesenrad that would capture the imagination of any traveler who came across this place.

On the other hand, if you happen to be on tour in Vienna, then you must never miss out what to see in Vienna, which is the Vienna Ferris wheel or Wiener Riesenrad. Having a journey through the giant Ferris wheel in Vienna could surely give you an unforgettable experience. It was then built for

schonbrunn desert house

Wustenhaus Schonbrunn ( Desert House )

There are many things to do within Vienna to enjoy agreat holiday. One thing’s for sure is that, you could visit the vienna Schonbrunn Palace. It is definitely one of the attractions that you could find in Vienna, not to mention that it has the Tiergarten Schonbrunn, the Palmenhaus Schonbrunn, the Wagenburg, most especially the Wustenhaus Schonbrunn.

Wustenhaus Schonbrunn is also known as the Schonbrunn Desert House in. It is actually a desert and botanical exhibit within Vienna. It is also located into the Sundial House and the newest botanical house in the Schonbrunn Palace Park. The exhibit of this desert house was then opened in the year 2004 and considered as the counterpart of the Rain Forest House, which was then opened close to the Schonbrunn Palace Zoo.

park and palmenhaus schoenbrunn

The Palmenhaus and parks of The schloss Schonbrunn

The Palmenhaus Schonbrunn is located next to the Schonbrunn Palace in vienna and a part of the Unesco World Heritage Site and wonderful sites in Vienna. It is actually one of the largest greenhouses in the world that features plants from coming from other parts of the world. It has been opened in the year 1882 and the prominent one of the four greenhouses within the Schonbrunn Palace park. It is even one of the largest botanical exhibits of its own kind across the globe. There, you could see different plant species counting to about 4,500.

In the midst of 18th and 19th century, there were a number of forerunners being built into the Palace Park, under the Emperors Joseph II and Francis I. In 1882, the present building was then opened and under Franz Joseph I. It was then being run by the Federal Gardens or Bundesgarten. It becomes one of the best attractions in Vienna that people could take.


schloss schonbrunn vienna

The history of Schonbrunn as well as the previous buildings stood up this place simply goes back into the mid-ages. The estate was then taken as the Katterburg from the start of 14th century and simply belonged into the manor of Klosterneuburg monastery. For over the following centuries, the names of tenants are being documented. It includes some prominent figures like 1548, the mayor of Vienna Herman Bayer and the one who had the plans of extending the buildings, transforming the property into the manorial estate.



The Zoo Tiergarten Schonbrunn

Tiergarten Schönbrunn is the oldest and the only baroque zoo that one could find in the world. It is definitely situated into the southeastern part of the Habsburgs’s, which is a summer residence and being built in the year 1760. It is located upon the area of the ever-famous Schronbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria offering no fees for those who would like to pay some visit on it.